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If your looking for a good 10th Step Inventory to help you process a situation that you have recently been through, here is a good exercise:


INCIDENT (limited to one sentence):

1. HOW WAS I SELFISH (i.e., thinking only of myself, or not putting myself
in someone else's position)?

2. HOW WAS I RESENTFUL (and what was the basis of this resentment)?

3. HOW WAS I AFRAID (How does this demonstrate a lack of faith, misplaced
faith, or faith in a negative outcome)?

4. HOW WAS I DISHONEST (by commission or omission)?

5. HOW DID I DEMAND TO CONTROL ("Do it my way")?

6. HOW DID I DEMAND TO BE RIGHT ("I told you so")?


8. HOW WAS I DEFIANT ("Don't confuse me with the facts, I've made up my mind")?

9. HOW WAS I IN DENIAL ("I don't care, I want it my way")?

10. WHO DID I HURT AND HOW DID I HURT THEM (i.e., who was affected as a result of my action or inaction)?

11. HOW CAN I REPAIR THE DAMAGE (i.e., how can I put right what I've put wrong)?

12. WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE BETTER (i.e., what actions could I have taken to improve the situation)?

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"Love and tolerance of others is our code."
p. 84, Alcoholics Anonymous

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