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Following are some suggestions on how to make your affirmations work for you and bring success and happiness in your daily life.

1. Make your affirmations appropriate to the problem you want to deal with. Use words that remind you of the end result you've in mind.

2. Use them regularly until they are firmly integrated with your consciousness and become part of your natural response to the intended problems. To achieve this, associate your affirmations consciously and persistently with the problem you want to resolve. Balance your negative thoughts and fears with positive affirmations so that your resolve to succeed is not dissipated.

3.  Keep your list of affirmations handy. Write them down on a paper or some book and keep it with in easy reach.

4. Start your day with positive affirmations and remember them before you go to bed. During the day, use them on as many occasions as you can, and definitely when you need them most - when there is a need to reinforce a desired behavior or state of mind or counter a problem or situation you are facing. 

5. Make your affirmations straight and simple, using action words that invoke positive imagery and appeal to your  mind and sense directly. Use concrete words that touch your senses and avoid vague and abstract words.

6. Use positive words only. Avoid negative expressions. Say, "I want to achieve this state of mind or reality," instead of "I don't want to be like this or that or I don't want to do this or that."

7. Mix strong, powerful and positive emotions with your affirmations. Feel the joy of achievement and success as you repeat them to yourself.

8. Make your affirmations personal and in first person. Feel the need for them strongly. Experience the sense of responsibility as you think of them.

9. Use affirmations that remind you of your goals and the end results.

10. Act as if your affirmations are already working and yielding positive results. Express your gratitude to the people and forces at work to  make your affirmations come true.

11. Add the positive energy of God or your Higher Self to your affirmations. Ask for the intervention of God to make your affirmations come true. Express gratitude this very moment for the help you are receiving.

12. Add the power of visualization to the force of your affirmations. Visualize how your affirmations can change your life and your personality.

There are many ways in which you can create conditions that are conducive to success and happiness in your life. There are countless ways in which you can take charge of your life and shape your destiny. Whatever methods you choose, positive affirmations vastly improve the chances of your success and reduce the time you may need to realize your goals. Positive thoughts reinforced by positive affirmations and mixed with strong emotions, faith in yourself and your ability to persist and shape the events in your life will bring you rich rewards, enhance your self esteem and pave the way for success and happiness in your life. You become the center of your actions and the source of your success. You pour energy into words that'll transform your  life and herald your success.

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