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A lot of the time, new in sobriety we are broke and have no money. So, what can we do with ASHTRAY CHANGE?  You will be amazed. Check these out.

Go to the park and let the child in your rule for a little while.

Go to the library and get a book, check out video or audio tapes and CDs.
Go out for coffee with a friend or fellow member.

Go out to a matinee (about FIVE DOLLARS).

Go to a Theater Guild and see a play (Five to Fifteen Dollars).

Go to the dollar store and buy some art supplies. Become creative.

Go to weekend seminars at colleges or libraries.

Check out your YMCA.  



What Do I do with all my time?


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How to Improve Your Writing - An Online Course
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Learn to Relax

We need to learn how to relax, how to unwind.

Find something that's relaxing, healing, soothing, and available to you. Sit in the sun. Sit in the tub. Take a trip to a nearby hot spring or mineral bath in your state. Perch atop a mountain or a hill, taking the view from above.

Let yourself sit and soak it in for as long as you can. Let yourself be still for as long as you can. Move around a bit if you need to. Then go back and try again.

Don't just do it once. Try it often. Allow yourself to relax. Give yourself opportunities to unwind. Soon you'll learn how.

Pay attention to what you think and feel when you try to relax. Watch, as a neutral observer, without judgment or reproach. What thoughts come to mind? How do you feel? What do you feel?

Go as deeply into your thoughts and feelings as you are able. Sit quietly for as long as you can. When your body is done, it will tell you.

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Fun Stuff To Do - Everyone who submits a story will receive a FREE Pocket Sponsor book.Online program that keeps track of your recovery and offers 12-step support. - the average number of people per sponsor being 2.5 within a range of 1 -12. -Website & free monthly newsletter on Sobriety. Free goods, lots of literature, unusual sobriety articles, personal experience stories, book on alcoholism, My Name Is Sonny Bliss.

Anne Kelly's Recovery Radio - An hour of hope, help and humor - on the number one disease in our civilization - Addiction! An open forum to discuss and share the message of recovery.  -

Came to Believe  -  AA or Wondering - Online BB, submit your writings, downloads, quotes, humor, recovery links, message board, etc. 

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Life is what happens to your while your making plans for the future and regretting yesterday.

Find A Hobby:

 Identifying Harmony with the guitar. FREE.  

 Help for reading guitar tab and learning to play guitar.  

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope.

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