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In wondering about the Basics of Spirituality, I believe it to be getting to know your own spirit as well as finding and getting to know your own Higher Power.  This all happens with time, and one should not fear!  Don't let the terminology scare you.  If you stay in a 12 step program long enough, you will know your own spirituality.  It may not be a religion, or a religion or biblically defined GOD, but it will be your God...You Higher Power.  Communication and personal progress is the key.  Just keep on keepin' on and it will come. 

Below is one mans experience, strength and hope on The Basics of Spirituality.  As always, please Take What You Need and Leave The Rest.        Tami

True spirituality can be characterized by 3 main qualities:

 1. HONESTY         2.  CONTENTMENT          3.  HUMILITY


HONESTY:  Definition – To not lie, cheat, or steal:  to be truthful, trustworthy:  free from deceit, being what you appear to be or present yourself to be:  genuine, frank and open.  Synonyms – Honor, Integrity, Veracity

       Why do we have problems with HONESTY?

 As we begin to work at recovery, most become very careful about not being dishonest with other.  BUT it is still easy for us to continue to lie to ourselves.  Therefore, it’s important for us to hear WHAT KIND OF LIES DO I CONTINUE TO TELL MYSELF?

 CONTENTMENT:  Definition – enough with what one has or is:  not desiring something more or different:  satisfaction with one’s lot in life.

 True CONTENTMENT is a spiritual quality that is a basic belief that ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the various parts of my life are BEYOND MY ABILITY.  Contentment doesn’t have as much to do with CHANGE or ACTION as it does with the issue of CONTROL.

 HUMILITY:  Definition – Having or showing a consciousness of one’s shortcomings and assets:  not inappropriately proud:  no aggressive:  modest, not claiming some special importance, distinction, o ability.  Synonyms – Humble, Modest, Meek.


 HUMILITY IS strong not bold, quiet not speechless, unsure not arrogant, freedom from self-preoccupation, a willingness to listen for and to follow my Higher Power’s directions, a willingness to take a personal inventory whenever I need to get a good idea where I’m at. 


 Finding out who I really am is the result of TRUE HUMILITY.    I find a new freedom – not only FREEDOM from SELF and who I thought I was supposed to be, but FREEDOM from the demands OF others AND WHO THEY TOLD ME I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. 

 What lies do you continue to tell yourself?

Are you really content today?

Who is in control in your life?                                                                                         by  Rev. William Eric Miller

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope. 

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