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I was told a story of our AA's founders getting together to do the 11th step meetings.  It was told to me that they would pray together, meditate in silence, and then write whatever was on their hearts.  This is where the Promises came from, along with many of our other readings.  I thought in my 11th step actions, I would do the same.  This poem came EARLY one morning in March of 2006. 

Breathe You In

By Tami M.

 I write as the Father speaks to me, through me, touching me with His every loving embrace.  I bow, I surrender, I listen and meditate.  I breathe:  In breathe deep through the nose, releasing any evils, acknowledged or not, through my mouth.  Again, with the deep breath in, I surrender to life and the flowing of it.  Surrender, to God and the growing of Him in me.  

 I am small, but a seed, or wet clay as I enter here with You. 

I am strong and yet weak as I bow before You, breathe You in and desire you with all I have. 

 The light I see, when I close my Eyes:  Is it You, Father?   The way I feel when music is played from the soul…only from You, Father!  The talent and creativity I have been able to witness, express and behold:  Only from You, Father!

 You are my Rock!  You are my Savior, and my lone true love!  It is in you that I find true peace and happiness.  It is You that I find real consoling, and counseling.  Please, Father, draw me nearer to your heart.  I only hope to hold You as You have held me.   I release all of my being to you Father.  I breathe in Deep, out with an exhale sounding twice as loud.   My breath, my blood, all working because You allow them to Father.  Thank you for my gift of life!  Thank you for my many many gifts.  I am but a seed, mere clay, Father.  Mold me as Thou wilt.  I am here early to meet you, speak to You, and feel You!  I am solemn, scared and ready.  Leave me not a moment, as I often do You.  I ask for your enduring Grace. 

I release my character defects, now in your hands.  Mold me; make me as You would have me to be.  Remove me of the bondage of self so that I may better serve you, and live a greater life, Father.   I love You! 


© Copyright 2006.  All Rights Reserved. - Reprint with Permission only.  REQUEST PERMISSION HERE

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