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Dark purples and deep red, days of anger and fear

You might say something hateful to someone who's dear

A robin eggs' blue, here calm abounds

You know the touch and it's as soft as down

Turbulent grays of the ocean, days of confusion and strife strife

You ask the question- "what do I do with my life?"

The suns' bright yellow, feel the warmth on your face

It lightens the load, and you start the race

A field of green, where life starts anew

You breath it in and it strengthens you

Life's journey is a road, sprinkled with happiness and grief

Don't let the dark colors steal your joys life a thief

Take the road of your life one step at a time

Sometimes it's easy, sometimes steep so you climb

Try to embrace all the colors, days of sadness and glory

When the rainbow comes together, the colors tell your life's story



Submitted 11/30/05


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