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…that I may have the COURAGE to do what is hard;  courage to hold off the quitter in me, courage to stand by my convictions.

…that I may have the gift of WISDOM, knowing the true value of material things.  May I never choose a creature, object or pleasure in preference to You.  May I have a true sense of values knowing what to fight for and what to ignore.

…that I may have a wholesome ATTITUDE in life.  Let me see that my mistakes, set-backs, and disappointments can be turned to my advantage if I have the right outlook.

…that I may ACT towards others, not just react.  Instead of returning unkindness for unkindness, let me be the master of the situation and act as I should, no matter how others treat me.

…that I may RESPECT others.  I know my own importance, but never let me lose sight of the importance of others.  Let my consideration for family and friends overcome my own selfish interests.

…that I may be PEACE OF MIND know that that I AM TRYING TO BE BEST SELF.  By your grace may none be cheapened because he kept my company.  May I always strive to bring out the best in others.

…that I may take a few minutes EACH DAY to think about these things.


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This Website was last updated on:  March 23, 2008

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