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SLIP:  Sobriety Losing It's Priority

“I’m Slipping!!!”

When I beginning to dislike AA conversation or company…

When I willfully stay away from meetings….

When I’m beginning to take another person’s inventory instead of my own…

When I’m more afraid of being known as an AA member than as a drunk…

When I begin to remember the Good Times I had drinking and overlook the bad times…

When I condemn in others, that which I tolerate in Myself…

When I say I forgive but I don’t forget…

When I shrink from Self-Examination…

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The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous gives 3 recommendations:

1) Morning prayer, to start the day with an act of surrender.

2) Night prayer, to review the day, and resolve to make any wrongs right.

3) Checkin’ in with God through the day as needed.

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An Old Circulation About Slips:

You probably haven’t really failed in AA, because you probably haven’t really tried.  FAILURE IS UNSUCCESSFULLY TRYING.

In AA language, no word is more important the TRY.  Sobriety does not automatically come with membership.  Success is not mere academic learning of the program.  Success results from the intensity  of the TRY itself.

Perhaps you have said:  “God know I have tried, but I can’t seem to make the Program.”  Let’s cross-examine on the a bit, by answering these questions:

Did you thoroughly read and study the “Big Book?”

Did you studiously read the book “12 steps and 12 traditions?”

Have you spent several hours each week for the last several weeks working the 4th step?

Did you perform the 5th step?  Think back on the last time you started to drink.

Did you try to pass it up?

Did you FIRST invoke the 24 hour technique?

Did you FIRST reconsider the first step?

Did you FIRST call on a “Higher Power” through the serenity of prayer?

Did you FIRST re-examine the steps of the program which you had neglected?

Did you FIRST pause to take a tenth step inventory?

Did you FIRST telephone a friend in AA?

Did you FIRST walk away from the site of the drink?

Did you FIRST seek a doctors help?

Did you FIRST attempt something- or anything the change the thought pattern?

Have you answered these questions honestly?

These things illustrate TRYING.  When you sweat it out, calling on all know AA techniques, combing professional aide with continued intensive daily AA therapy, then you have really TRIED – Not until then.   


If you don't want to slip, stay away from slippery places

If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got

If you sit in the barber's chair long enough, you'll eventually get a haircut

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope.  

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This Website was last updated on:  June 17, 2008

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