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I came to a meeting, all sad and alone,

So sick and tired, of the life I had known,

Aching and dying, deep down inside,

And feeling the pain, from the things i must hide.


They told me they loved me, and were glad I was there,

Who are these people, and why should they care?

But the more that I listened, the more I could see,

This room full of alcoholics, were just like me.


I started to share, trying hard not to cry,

and I no longer felt like I wanted to die.

I wanted to live, but hadn't a clue,

Of what to day, feel, or do.


These people were sober, and would show me the way,

So i listened some more, to what they had to say,

They spoke of a God, and "just for one day"

So I thought, "What the hell," and I started to pray.


They said "get a sponsor," and "keep coming back".

they said a program, was all I did lack.

They said "Work the steps, or your going to die".

So I got me a sponsor and i started to try.


I shared with my sponsor who I had become,

The people I had hurt, the things I had done,

He told me he loved me, and then shared with me,

The things he done, and who he used to be.


That's when i knew, and could finally se,

That if i worked the steps, that i could too be free.

Free from booze, and feeling that way,

Free from obsession, just for today


So still try to listen to what you have to share,

Tell you I love You, let you know that i care,

Lwt you know I have found, a much better way,

Its working a program, we call A.A.


It's sharing my experience, strength, and hope as I trudge,

Its living a life, and not holding a grudge.

It's sharing with newcomers, as they wonder in,

And as they start to listen, they know they can win.


If we all really listen, to what's being said,

The thing's that they shared, the book that is read.

If we listen and learn, we will surely see,

How truly delightful sobriety can be.


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