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     For me, alcohol was a power greater than myself for quite some time.  When I decided that I was going to stop drinking and change my life, I simply had to find a power greater than myself that was more positive and mature.  I need, and needed, a power that could help me to find-out my triggers for drinking.  I need help to try to find a higher state of mind and attitude that will help me to feel comfortable with me.

I need some peace, contentment and direction in life.  I need to know who I am: Where I came from as well as where Iím going.  I need help in growing up and handling various situations in my life in a mature manner. 

     I used to be very immature about so many different situations.  I also used to go around not feeling real good and/or positive about myself.  I felt guilty and ashamed a lot of my behavior and myself.  I did not know myself very well.  Standing up for myself was a true challenge and usually the other party (no matter who they may be) always won arguments and struggles.   I was not real happy and content unless I was intoxicated.  After I would get a few belts down me I became social...a conversationalist with humor and purpose.  I became smart, pretty, sweet, sexy, happy, generous and giving.   Several of these things slowed and/or ceased after a prolonged period of time in my drinking.  Now, being at a point that I desire to stop drinking, I need something that will fill this spot and help me to have these feelings without the alcohol...A POWER GREATER THAN MYSELF.

     I have found that for me several different types of power can help me.  I did not find these only on my own -- the program and principles of A.A. have helped me along my search.  For me, the group meetings are a great source of my higher powers.  When I come together with a group of individuals who share my disease, I have found that these people relate to me on several, if not all, of my immaturities and/or character defects.  Itís not every one of the people in these groups that I relate to but different bits and pieces of different individuals.  Knowing this, if I get together with these people and discuss different situations in my helps me to find solutions, reasons, answers, smiles and some good roads of action to take.  When a group of individuals are gathered together for all of the above -- It can happen quicker and easier without as many failures along the way.  To me, itís sort of like when major companies come together to find new means of action to benefit the company...maybe they need to be brought above the red: so, they have to find-out what inventory is moving and whatís not - what will and what wonít and make the proper changes.  Maybe they're having employee, or cooperate problems that need to be solved...whatever the case they do not rely all of this task on one person.  They spread it out among many different groups of individuals to come up with a proper means of solution and then they vote on which would be the best way to go to benefit the company.  I like that.  I know that A.A. is a group of individuals gathered together on common ground for a purpose -- common purpose: TO STAY SOBER.  We all have a list of principles stated for us all to try to follow to help restore us to sanity.  We also all have a common ground and foundation laid down by our forefathers of A.A. that have worked for over fifty seven years...nothing to laugh at.  I get to do as the major companies do and take what I need as a proper means of action and leave the rest.  Also, I feel itís good because we need to talk about ourselves and our lives so that we can hear and realize what we ourselves are doing...To me itís almost like being in a house of mirrors at a carnival - several different views of myself are afford, if I choose to look and pay attention.  What better way to get to know yourself and the roads we need to travel than this? 

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This Website was last updated on:  March 23, 2008

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This Website was last updated on:  March 23, 2008

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