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These are actually notes I took off the TV one day.  I was watching what I choose to call "Jesus TV".  That is when the cable is out for one reason or the other, and all I can get is "Jesus TV".  I take it as a time that God wants me to grow. 

“I’m OK and I’m on my Way”

I’m not where I need to be, but Thank God I’m now where I used to Be.

I need to know I am in Christ.  I need to know I am not what I do.

God loves me unconditionally and I’m not going to spend my life hating myself because I didn’t have a perfect performance.

If your not going to be jealous of my seen, then don’t be jealous of my harvest.

Righteousness – Isaiah 61.10:  No need to go around feeling, “what is wrong with me?”  Where my mind goes, my feet are going to follow sooner or later.

Satan is a great warrior –he knows how to carefully plan the best attack and he does.  Your weakest areas are the ones he wants to break.

He’s a master of deceiving:  Confusing…he throws flaming arrows of seduction and thoughts.

Don’t give Satan a stronghold in your life – If you do, he is holding you captive.

Satan and Eve – He offers her lies and deceives her and convinces her to go against God.

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