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Here is a list of my Resources:

You can now see how much work I have put into this site.  Not only have I had to share my own experience, strength and hope with you, but I had to research and organize the same from others.  I hope still there is more to come for your enjoyment.  Thanks for all help!!!  T.


Homework Assignments, Big Book Aides, Literature, and More: - Big Book Concordance. - know what truly motivates you - Back to basics Website. - Neat Site with Recovery tools.

Dicks pdf for 12 step homework. - Download the first 164 pages here for your palm pilot. Big Book Search Engine online.  Look up your topic here. - A flowchart of AA History.


Humor - Sober Giggles: - Alcohol and Addiction Jokes - Cool Video of Alcoholic with a money on his back.  This is a Great Site! - If you liked Space Invaders, You'll love this!  Try and Play it! - AA Humor - Free voice Lessons.



Some of the Graphics are Self Made Serenity - Rose Husband - Massive Free 12 Step graphics here.


Webmaster Utilities and Resources:

Every Type of Free Greeting there is.  Multiple types of free .gif files, or pictures. - Free Resources for webmasters.  -  Free email for your site. - Free Software Resources.  - I Made our buttons here for free.    

Free Website Add-Ons: Site Submission, Search Engine Ranker, Keyword Density and Meta Tag Analyzers!

Free keyword generator on 1-Hit Search Engine Register and Optimize Company - Free Forums Offered Here. - Free Ecard Website. - Create your own crosswords...a little difficult for beginners. - Free Graphics Generator - Fonts.

Free Graphics: and - Banners for site made here.




Grief support groups.

Look up terms in the field of Psychology and Neurology. -

The National Voice on Mental Illness.

Take the test for:  Depression, Anxiety, stress,  and sexual addictions. 

Look up all self help groups. -


History: - How the Big Book Was Put Together. - Talks given by Bill W. - AA History Site. - site.  These folks has massive information to offer.  Great site and definitely worth the look! - Bill W. Obituary.

The Time 100, Heroes and Icons, The Story on Bill Wilson. - bill Wilson and aa everything. - Let's Ask Bill Wilson. - AA cassette tapes to purchase.


Software Downloads: Click Here to Download Adobe Reader for free.  A lot of downloads are in this format and you may need it. - Free Unzipping Software.

free pc games download - ... tutorials are available in downloadable PDF format. ... Software for Recovering People - 12-step recovery program Bible study ... 2. Commercial CDs with free demos for

More Resources:

NA Recovery Tapes - AA Speaker Tapes. - More Free AA Tapes online.  Jo & Charlie and more. - Online Recovery Resource
HAZELDEN - Acceptance . Courage . Wisdom -Hazelden is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction. Purchase books, medallions, & recovery gifts.
The Online Recovery Resource Directory -Over 2300 resources for alcoholism and addiction, substance abuse treatment, 12 step programs, online counseling and sober living.
Living Cyber -A directory of online Alcoholics Anonymous resources.
Online Recovery -A directory of online recovery resources, including alcoholism, drug addiction, codependency, eating disorders, adult children, abuse, AA, NA, 12-Steps, chat rooms, treatment, recovery stores, and more.
Recovery Resources Online -Thousands of recovery resources for alcoholism and addiction, substance abuse treatment,12 step programs, online counseling and sober living.
The Recovery Zone - A 12 Step Resource Guide -The ultimate resource guide for 12 step recovery information on the web. Get the help you need for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Smoking, Obesity, Sex Addiction. Listen to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in Streaming Audio Format.
Recovery Web -Resources and information for addiction related mental health issues. Recovery from addictions and alcoholism, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, codependency and abusive relationships.
Sobriety & Recovery Resources Resources For Hearing Impaired - Free.

This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope.  

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Our main purpose is to support all 12 step programs and people in all stages of recovery. All views and opinions in The Sponsors Aide

 represent those of the writer's only and do not represent anything else unless otherwise identified by comment.  We hope this site helps.

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This Website was last updated on:  June 17, 2008

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    Disclaimer: This site is NOT endorsed nor sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous or any group and is not intended to offer specific advice to persons in recovery or contemplating recovery. This site DOES, however, attempt to follow the 12 Traditions of AA. Contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Office for direct info on AA, for info on meetings in your area, and if you'd like to speak with someone regarding alcoholism. This site is produced in the spirit of AA's Twelfth Step - to carry the message. When reading the experience, strength and hope on this site, we remind you that AA's "public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films."