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Here are some links to aide you in varied 12 Step sponsorship. 

AA Links:

AAPrimaryPurpose - 1940's the role of sponsor was thought of as making the 12th step call, the 12 & 12 in the 1950's, one of the greatest challenges to the sponsorship.  Neat Site!


Adolescence Substance Abuse and Recovery Resources
Ask the Question! -- Ask Shelly -- Shelly Marshall is a specialist in adolescent substance abuse. Send her your questions.
Parent Awareness Test - When should you worry about alcohol/drugs?
Right 2 Know - Reducing Teen Substance Abuse - Collection of many resources for teens and their parents.
What's Driving You? - offers information about alcohol, DUI, drinking and driving, and ways to think about behaviors associated with drinking.


bullet Co-dependency Links List
bulletBeyond Therapy - Living in Process - as developed by Anne Wilson Schaef
bulletCourage to Change - Al-Anon E-Mail Meeting for Women - to join send e-mail to
bullet Characteristics of Codependency
bulletOne Day at a Time - Survival Guide for Relationships - daily readings and discussion forum



bulletSomething Fishy Web Site - A wonderful site! Chat rooms, message board, and much more.
bullet Eating Disorders - Frequently Asked Questions -Newsgroup
bulletGeri's Recovery Music - and Geri's story of recovery from eating disorders

Debtors Anonymous:

DA Literature - Pamphlets:  12 Steps, Tools Sponsorship, Working steps one to nine.  


SerenityFound - Going Through The Steps:  A.A. Sponsorship Pamphlet by Clarence Snyder - This is Great!  Check it out! 

How Sponsorship Works - Every sponsor is a leader...Absolutely Love This SITE!  Check them out!  Tons to offer! 

Food Additions:

Food Addicts Anonymous -  Sponsors are FAA members who are practicing abstinence from sugar, flour and wheat and are living in accordance with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.  

RawTimes- 12 Steps email list for raw fooders & other addicts. Sponsors are members who are practicing the twelve steps and twelve traditions.  

OA HOW - We use the "Alcoholics Anonymous " Big Book & The 12 Steps and 12 ... and kind of sponsor that you are (food, step, or maintenance)

FAA Tools of Recovery Sponsors are FAA members who are practicing abstinence from sugar, flour and wheat and are living in accordance with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to

OEA Sponsorship Leaflet  - All types of information for Obsessive Eaters. 

Marijuana Anonymous Links:

Marijuana Anonymous - PDF Download on Sponsorship.

Marijuana Anonymous Online - Many resources and questions and answers on sponsorship.  

Marijuana Anonymous Online - 12 Step Program For Marijuana Addicts. About Sponsorship. Marijuana Anonymous ... sponsors. 

Narcotics Anonymous:

Recovery Nukkad- Just for Today 12 Step program of Narcotics-Informative Pamphlets, Sponsor/sponsee worksheets, Recovery Topics, and more.


NA Chat - Basic Narcotics Anonymous information site and sister site to NA Recovery.Org


NArchive - NA History Information and resources.

Online Sponsorship:   -  Form to become an online sponsor.

On-Line Internet Sponsorship  -  AA, NA, OA, CA, AlAnon, ACOA, CoDA + Free Egreeting Cards; recovery music & radio:; 12 Step Songs; AA Radio.

Links for Different 12 Steppers than AA or NA:

CA Choosesponsor  -  The sponsor's primary tools are his or her experience, strength and hope. 


Working the Steps of Codependents  - CoDA -How to Find a Sponsor and Step Work.   


DOUBLE - Fellowship of  DTR - Answers Many questions on Sponsorship. 


PTSD & the 12 Steps - Post-Traumatic Gazette.  Get a sponsor (or a step group in ACOA) & start working the steps.


PatiencePress - Working the steps with the sponsor, praying, PTSD & the 12 Steps: how they work; addresses of 12 step programs - PDF Download


Step Study Tools - Author Anne Wayman looks at the sponsorship relationship and how it is from 


COSA Recovery - Sponsorship procedures and guidelines, how to sponsor and pick a sponsor.


Phil Online - When the program started, there were not sponsors...


Beginners Books - List of books one person believes beginners should read.  

bulletStep4Recovery - Magazine for 12 steppers. Offers information for all 12 Steppers in all stages of recovery.  A fee per year. 

The Twelve Steps of Faith The 12 Steps and thier relationship with faith.


Recovery USA, llc - FREE Recovery Coins to anyone who asks (we pay shipping too).

SELF ABUSE - SELF INJURY: - Multiple Links here!  Personal stories, etc.
Self Injury - You are NOT the only one


Daytonna SLAA Group Promises
Co/Anon Email List Group: E-mail Forum for Friends and Family Members of People Addicted to Sex
E-mail Forum for Friends and Family Members of People Addicted to Sex -- Partners, family members and friends of people addicted to sex and/or love can join an e-mail forum where we share our experience, strength and hope with one another. We can talk about our own co-dependency and co-addiction, and gain support in dealing with someone else's compulsive/obsessive sexual behavior. This list is closed for the group's safety. We use a short application form to screen new members, and we provide guidelines for sharing. To apply or to ask questions, please e-mail the moderator at
Another e-mail list for Sex Addicts, Love addicts & Sexaholics; write to


Smoking: Facts and Tips for Quitting - National Cancer Institute
QuitNet - Excellent resource for stopping smoking - a very cool site


Victorian Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous  -  VICYPAA is a group of young members active in service, working for the benefit of all AA members. 


Teenage Addicts Can Recover -A clearinghouse of information for parents and professionals on working with young people in recovery from addiction to mind-affecting chemicals.

In AA's Twelve and Twelve, it says, "... there are certain things only the individual can do...When he acquires willingness, he is the only one who can make the decision to exert himself" (p. 40).

Need More Links?  Check These Out:

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope. 

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This Website was last updated on:  June 17, 2008

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