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The “A.A.” Way

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I found myself in a bottomless pit, of sorrow of wore and despair.

When a ray of light reveled to me, the steps of a winding stair.


In vain, I tried to reach those steps.  Of myself it could not be done.

When I cried for help, a voice replied, “You are standing on step number two.”


I found a Friend, who could help me out; I knew He could set me free.

I trusted in Him, Whoever He was, and He led me to step number three.


I sat on this and though of myself, as I never had thought before.

Of my wasted life and the harm I had done.  He showed me to step number four.


“With you as a Friend, A helper and guide, I can rise from the terrible fix,

I’ll do as you say, if you’ll lead the way”. 

He said, “You are now on step number six.”


“I know I am not worth the help you are giving; to me it’s like Manna from Heaven.

I’ll do my best to mend my way”.  You are standing on step number seven.”


“I harmed my wife, my children, my friends, but will amend before it’s too late”.

Then the voice by my side so gently replied. 

“You are standing on step number eight”.


“I will make amends wherever I can, When the power to do so in mine.”

Again came the voice, more clear than before, “You are on step number nine.”


“I’ll admit I’ve been wrong, but want to go right,

and stand as a man among men.

Again came the voice of the Man of my choice. 

“You are now on step number ten.”


This Man by my side, such a wonderful Friend,

He was surely sent from Heaven.

I shall always be thankful for what He has done,

Then He led me to step number eleven.


 When Lo and Behold, I had reached the top,

the day was bright and fair,

Then I though of those, I had left behind,

in that bottomless pit of despair.


The ray of Light which came to me,

and revealed the winding stair,

Came from a torch in the hand of a Friend,

I must throw my light in there.


       Found in a folder of a recovering alcoholic that attended rehab in

1978-79 area.                           

Marked Anonymous


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