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Rather strange to keep an online diary, I thought to myself...But, some information needs to be desired to be read.  In this area of the site, you get a bit of the personal touch of what I have been doing with the site.  You will hear my fears, desires, strengths and weaknesses about the site.  I cannot go back to begin early, so the Blog begins on 11/23/05.

11/23/05:  Spend several days working on new artwork for site.  Trying to add 2 nice add-ins for the site.  DJ is going to do a Dipping in the Chips forum that should be real nice, and I am trying to create a recovery card site.  Finding real easy user forum for free a little challenging.  Finding creating pictures exactly as already set up card site also a bit challenging and very limiting.  Looks like another new skill that will be added to my list of "Learning as I go" things.

12/07/05:  Did research to see which is better to use as Web Builder:  FrontPage or Dreamweaver?  Discovery found out that it pretty much depends on task and ability.  Dreamweaver does offer some really nice "add-ins" or "already included's" (if you will) that will make the site seem different than a lot of other FrontPage sites.  As I currently have over 125 pages listed in The Sponsors Aide, and do not desire to have to redesign once again, FrontPage is the Builder I am currently staying with.  Will continue to help AC with other site in Dreamweaver, as I enjoy the software, tricks, friendship and mentoring. 

12/08/05:  Working for several days to remove links sending folks directly to downloads at another 12 step site.  I discovered through trying download something for myself that the webmaster was upset with me, and I needed to make changes and amends.  Discovered that directly sending someone to download something from another persons site is called  stealing bandwidth (a new Webmasters term for me).  I corrected the links to send folks to the site just for a specific download.  I had to remove several links on my site for them, as I send folks there several times over and over and didn't want to repeat myself.  Did not realize I was doing a bad thing.  Hard to get to know everything at once.  Send amends on same date.  Hope all is well with the fellow 12 stepper.

12/08/05:  Updated all pages, deleted repetitive pages, pages not needed or used, made fonts all size 14, color and bottom of pages now again universal since site crash.  Added a few pages, some more inter-site links, and pictures to create some more color and design for website.  Some text was added for a bit more of a personal touch and broken links fixed or removed.  Many Link bars were installed for easier navigation. 

05/02/06:  Working on updating pages I have been putting together for quite some time.  Will try to list updates later.

Figured out how to start up the Dipping in the chips Discussion group for DJ.  Will put it together tonight.  Updates coming in Multiples today!  Look out Folks, your requests being answered!!!

06/13/06:  Spent several hours making headings for each page, making menu's for bottom of each page on varied subjects, and making all pages more uniform.  Received a letter from Canada the other day thanking me for the work on the site.  Said the site helped her a lot and she was grateful for it.  Great to hear this Helps and Encourages me to keep going. 

01/21/07:  Many many updates.  The site has been without updates for quite some time.  Working daily for about 2 weeks now, several hours a day to update, correct broken links, add new links, post logo on all pages, add new articles, set up book reviews, correct spelling, add/delete pictures, promote site and more.  Whew!  This isn't easy, but it is definitely worth while.  Glad I began this part of my journey!

Our main purpose is to support all 12 step programs and people in all stages of recovery. All views and opinions in The Sponsors Aide represent those of the writer's only and do not represent anything else unless otherwise identified by comment.  We hope this site helps.

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