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Welcome to THE SPONSORS AIDE. Originally, this was to be a 3 Ring Binder I made for some of my friends. Somehow, it seems to have moved to the net. I began to search the net for recovery sites a few years back, and there didn't seem to be too many out there. Today, there is A LOT out there! I am amazed and pleased at all the internet now has to offer for 12 step recovery Resources on the net.  

     The Sponsors Aide is for people in 12-step recovery that have questions about sponsoring of any sort. I have noticed that female sponsee's like "Homework" to do.  I have listed some assignments that may help. I will list answers to questions, poems, prayers, stories, step work, spiritual references, printable worksheets, and anything I really can. The Sponsors Aide includes several different "How To's" and "Homework" Assignments that can be used on the program. It is meant to help people in their program, as well as in their sponsorship. We welcome any information, after thoughts, or comments to our site. There are multiple pdf, or a printable files, available for you to download as well as free 12-step program downloads. I hope you enjoy The Sponsors Aide!

  We offer topics such as:  Sponsors Aides, Spiritual Aides, Step Work, Free downloads, How to Hear a 5th Step, When to Step Back, Boundaries & Limitations, Meditation, Recovering Voices, "Slow-Guns", Importance of Being Honest, Sponsorship History, Affirmations, My Rights, 12 Step Amendments for many assorted topics in Recovery, Sober Giggles, Cartoons, and More!  

Is that OD or is the GOD?  Well, the latest news is that my computer crashed and I had to build another one.  It was a lot cheaper than buying an "over the counter" computer!  Anyway, the site got a little messed up along with the computer crash and rebuild.  I apologize for any inconvenience anyone has suffered during the last 2 weeks.  It is a little technical, but basically in transferring the files from computer to internet and back again, everything got jumbled.  Please Be Patient with me.  I am LEARNING AS A GO HERE!  First website, first self designed and built computer.  I hope you enjoy all the upgrades and new additions.   

Being a mentor and sponsor, can sometimes be a difficult task.  I have tried to list some topics to help with questions that I had along the way.  I am here, the site is here, to share some experience, strength and hope with you.  Check out some of our sponsorship topics:  Boundaries and Limitations

   When 2 Step Back    Emotional Relapse

   Affirmations        How To Hear a 5th

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What Is a Sponsor?

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12 Steps of a Sponsor

How do I ask Someone to Be my Sponsor?

How Do I build a relationship with my sponsor?

How do I get a Higher Power? 

How to have fun in early sobriety with little or no money?


 Please Take What you Need and Leave The Rest! 

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