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When I first came around, I felt so crappy about my live and what I had done with it.  I thought, who would want my life.  I mean, God gave me this life, I screwed it up, and now I want to turn it back over to Him and say, “OK, God, here it is...I know I screwed it up but you can have it now and fix it”.  Sounded cocky and foolish to me.  Like, why would God want my life and will back now?  I heard a story that touched me, though.  Basically, a man gives you a hundred dollar bill.  You accept it gladly and he says, “It’s free!  Here it is.  Pay it back if you want, keep it, whatever you choose, it is yours.”  Then, I take it and never really do anything with it.  I make it crinkly and dirty and torn, battered and beaten.  Then, one day, I decide to give it back.  I say, “Hey Jo, here is that bill you gave me.  You want it back?”  Does that man not take it because it is dirty, torn and weathered?  Has it lost any of it’s value?  No, it hasn’t.  It is still worth just as much today, as it was when he gave it to me.  That is how I believe that God feels about our lives.  Our lives have true value to God.  It doesn’t loose value.  He doesn’t say, “Oh, NO, I don’t want it now.  It stinks!”  A life is a life, and it is a value to God.  He loves us no less now than He did before!  Just food for thought.

Count your blessings, not your problems.

REMEMBER: Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic!!!

The next time you feel like God can't use you, just remember...

Noah was a  drunk, Abraham was too old, Isaac was a daydreamer, Jacob was a liar,  Leah was ugly, Joseph was abused, Moses had a stuttering problem, Gideon was afraid, Samson had long hair and was a womanizer, Rahab  was a prostitute, Jeremiah and Timothy were too young, David had an  affair and was a murderer, Elijah was suicidal, Isaiah preached naked, Jonah ran from God, Naomi was a widow, Job went bankrupt, John the Baptist ate bugs, Peter denied Christ, The Disciples fell asleep  while praying,
Martha worried about everything, The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once Zaccheus was too small, Paul was too religious, Timothy had an ulcer,  AND
Lazarus was dead!

Now -- no more excuses. God can use you to your full
potential.   Besides you aren't the message, you are just the
messenger.  Share  this with a friend or two...
In the Circle of God's  love.

(Gee, I  don't feel so bad now!)

                                                 Submitted Anonymously

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