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Here I have listed several of my own meeting and self notes on spirituality for me.  These have helped me greatly! 

 Tips For Increasing Your Spirituality Daily

  1. Pray and Meditation.

  2. Stay plugged in.

  3. Take time in morn for meditation to start day.

  4. Read.

  5. Don’t isolate.

  6. Don’t rest on you Loral’s.

  7. You can only give away what you don’t need for your own survival.  U can only do what u have the power to do.

  8. Frame of mind – Keep with it – Keep grounded.

  9. “The spiritual Sport Room – Workout and strengthen your spirituality.

  10. Learn your triggers – What sets you off.

  11. Be grateful

  12. Stop trying to take control of things.

  13. Is power available?

  14. Remember, we only have a  Daily reprieve.

  15. If we keep giving and giving and giving, we can get to a point where we not only have thing left to give, but also have nothing left 4 us.

  16. We have gotten help ourselves, too.

  17. Body builders have trainers –The get trained.

  18. Wonder if something is right:  Ask, “Can I take God with me?”

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Tips For Staying Plugged In 

  1. Do Things:  "Just because".

  2. Remember:  My self will, will run me amuck.

  3. Create an “off-work” routine.

  4. Get on knees.

  5. Time is a PRESENT – That’s why the call it that. 

  6. Daily readings – besides the morn.

  7. Refocus:  Serenity prayer.

  8. Daily – Ask him to help me to get rid of these shortcomings…these defects.

  9. Pray and then meditate – communicate.

  10. Find balance.

  11. Find the feeling of being connected.

  12. When we feel alone, He is working with us the most.

  13. I can’t – He Can- So let Him.

  14. Remember – Gifts are Gifts – Sobriety

  15. Sometimes we have to “not do something”.  Don’t interfere with someone else’s growth.  Let God work with them

  16. Get out in Nature.

  17. Read the Big Book – Tells us how to get closer to God.

  18. Gratitude.

  19. See God in other people – Speaking through them.

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope

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