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 We admitted we were powerless over alcohol (fill in the blank) and that our lives had become unmanageable.  


AA:  Chapters 1 and 3 in the Big Book - Dr’s Opinion & More About Alcoholism - Step One in AA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions  ACTION PAGES:  Page 30, Paragraph 2, Lines 1 - 3

NA:  Step One in Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text - Step One in NA’s, It Works- How and Why & The Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guides.

I have given 2 different homework assignments on this step.  One is to write, or tell how you were powerless over your addiction and how was your life unmanageable.  I usually share some of my story with the individual to give examples of what I mean. 

Example:  I was powerless over alcohol because I would write a check to stay at the bar longer and drink, when I knew there was no money in the bank.  I would never write a bad check for any else but alcohol or drugs.  My life was unmanageable because I would go out for a few drinks and the next thing I would know, another holiday or birthday had been missed with the family.  I really wanted to be there, but I was too drunk and embarrassed to show up. 

Another homework assignment I have been known to give out is to have people write out "How Alcohol/Drugs gave me Power."  Again, I give my sponsee examples of this. 

Example:   Alcohol and Drugs gave me power, or empowered me because if I was sad, angry, mad, lonely, whatever the unwanted emotion, I drank to feel better.  I drank and the loneliness went away!  The sadness left, the angry usually subsided for the night.  This gave me power. 


You can see the full write up I did on POWERLESS HERE.



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We have seen the truth demonstrated again and again:
        "Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic." Commencing to drink after a period of sobriety, we are in a short time as bad as ever. If we are planning to stop drinking, there must be no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion that someday we will be immune to alcohol.

You only get out of it what you put into it

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope. 

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