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Temptation is going to pop up around the corner every so often with us!  The thing is to have a plan.  Have an "Escape Route", phone numbers, or other tools to use while you are out there.  The Fear of Facing being out there with cash and/or being around people again seem to come up a lot.  One night I took notes so that I would have answers.  Here are some of the answers that I got. 

Facing Fear of Being Out There With Cash – Around People and Temptation Again 

bulletCarry A list with your of number to call.
bulletStay in the present – One Day at A Time – Stay in Today
bulletHave A plan for a way out (Escape Route), or an Exit Strategy
bulletHave back-up Rides available
bulletPeople, Places, and Things – Old Playmate and Old Playthings can get us in trouble
bulletAA – Call People
bulletIf your uncomfortable – Leave
bulletStay away from places, so you don’t have to worry about “What if” for at least the first Year
bulletAsk for help in the Morning
bulletThrow things on the Table at Meetings – At Home
bulletRead the Big Book – How it Works is real Good
bulletStart your day over anytime
bulletWeddings – Go Late and Leave Early
bulletRemember, unlike Cell Phones – God’s number is never out of Service
bulletPeople say – You were more fun before, but your Not in jail and other places
bulletCall – Find a local Meeting
bulletPowerless – Not Helpless
bulletPrayer – Fellowship with another alcoholic
bulletMeeting – These folks are as crazy as you are
bulletChange Your Definition of a Friend
bulletTake care of yourself – The Wedding, or Gathering, will go on without you
bulletStick around long enough to have something to use.
bulletMay need to know yourself – Sitting in a bar with no drinks…is it going to be fun?
bulletMake a decision to do…
bulletNo Car/License didn’t stop us from Drinking…
bulletNot responsible for your disease, you are responsible for your recovery.
bulletRemain teachable.
bulletPromises coming true…be Grateful.
bulletThank God for the Old Times
bulletThe way we think, we can sniff out anything or drug addict – we can sniff out anything.
bulletBe careful of the “Poor Me’s”….  Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me Another.
bulletListen to suggestions and Talk to Your sponsor.
bulletGo to AA Functions.
bulletPeople in bars gave us advice – where did it get us?
bulletGrow up – learn how to be a friend, husband, farther, man her in AA.

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This website is not intended to replace a sponsor, but rather to aide you and your sponsor in recovery.  This is just a way to start working the steps, and share in someone else's experience, strength and hope. 

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